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Pleage of Service  
" For the good of our World. For the good of our Guild. For the good of ourselves."

We are a lawful guild, based on good virtues. We seek out to praise and defend that, which is good, and to condemn and defeat that which is evil. We serve Norrath above all else. We set our standards high for our members and demand nothing less from each other then we seek in ourselves. We pride ourselves in our virtues.

For those interested in joining our guild:

All will be considered, but only the chosen few will be invited. You must be at least into your 10th season. All races and classes are welcome as long as you show you have the virtues we believe in. If our guild is where you would like to call home here is what you need to do:

Review our charter and code of conduct .
Post a request on our message board under JOIN THE KOV, Include your name, race, class, currant level and briefly tell us why you want to be a Knight.
Seek out our members in Norrath. Let your intest in the guild be known. Group with members. You must have the recommendation of at least 2 Knights in good standing.
You will be notified of your acceptance, at which time you will be told when you will be formally invited.

The Code of Conduct we all live and fight by....

All members will wear their guild tag. The use of anonymous is frowned upon, use /role-play if you wish to hide your class and location.

Guild mates come first. If a guild mate is in trouble, aid must be rendered if you are with in a reasonable distance.
Guild members will respond to a yell for aid from any player as long as it does not jeopardizes themself or others.

Begging is not allowed. Beggars should be politely told to earn it. Role-playing the encounter is strongly recommended.
Requests for PLing and Twinking is frowned upon. Our members are expected to work for and earn their advancements and rewards. We do not expect gifts or assistance, but we do graciously accept offers.

All members are encouraged to be generous with buffs/assistance when ever possible.
Those with needed skills or abilities are encourage to offer their services when possible.
Members will not abuse the services of members with special skills or abilities.

Kill stealing is not allowed.
Training is not allowed.
Ninja looting is not allowed
Exploiting bugs or pathing is not allowed.

The excessive use of fowl language in game on any channel or on the message boards is not allowed.

Guild members are encouraged to group with other guild members.

Any member that leaves the guild may be asked to remove all their characters for the guild